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Terms & Conditions
The survival of the seven billion Homo Sapiens on Planet Earth is the most important topic of a Social Movement. Accordingly extremely careful actions will be followed.

Continuing efforts will be made to obtain the support of highly qualified experts. The moral rights of groups based on religion, race, history or other subjects will be equally considered.

The donations made will be used only for the designated purpose of Human Survival and Progress. Compensations made to the officers and staff of the organization will be reasonable, not excessive. Information advancing our cause will be evaluated, and used if helpful.

Special efforts will be made to safeguard the financial support provided by the concerned supporters.

Refund Policy

Donations are non-refundable, because the donations’ purposes are to benefit the species Homo Sapiens on Planet Earth. Donations made to the Human Progress Network could benefit the more than 7 billion population on our planet.


Privacy Policy

Information about donations made will be protected.

The information only will be made available to requests by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  This would inform the IRS that the donations were made to a non-profit organization, for very important purposes.