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PAZ Concerns

Peter Avram Zuckerman, President of the Human Progress Network, had both negative and positive experiences during
his life. This gives him the need to understand the nature of humanity, better described as the species Homo Sapiens.

He became interested in the past, present and future of the world. As the advocate of the
survival of Homo Sapiens, he summarizes the Peter Avram Zuckerman’s Concerns.

He also hopes that fellow concerned humans will support his efforts.

Peter Avram Zuckerman’s Concerns

My organization, the Human Progress Network, is dedicated to advancing human progress. Based on my experiences
in Europe after World War I and during World War II, I have great concerns about the future of the human species.

Therese Delpech, French scholar on international security and strategic affairs, concludes in her Savage Century book:

Even more now than in the twentieth century, humankind has the capacity to serve the most destructive bent of the human psyche.
But it can also overcome the fatal combination of advanced technology and acute nihilism that is now humanity’s lot.
That is the choice that must be made. And that is the choice that must guide future political action.

James Martin of Oxford University is a world-renowned expert on the social and economic impact
of computers and technology. In his book The Meaning of the 21st Century he concludes:

By some estimates, humanity has only a 50% chance of surviving the next hundred
years. It will be the job of today’s young people to put the odds in our favor.

My research about the human condition came to a similar conclusion. Unless we take preventive actions, there is
a high probability for the decline of human civilization, and even of human extinction. Following is the summary
of my conclusions about the dangers to the future of the human species:

There is no limit to the potential for human evil = E
Example: Holocaust

There is no limit to the potential for human destructiveness = D
Example: Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

There is no limit to the potential for human stupidity = S
Example: Starts of World War I, World War II

Outcome: E + D + S = X ——> (Human Extinction)

There are frequent situations where people get into dangerous conditions, such as tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, and such. To assist
survival in dangerous situations, Survival Manuals are published. If Google is checked out for “survival manual”, there are more than
800,000 pages. If one looks for “human survival manual”, there is only one page of an actual publication: Beyond the Holocaust: Survival
or Extinction -- A Survival Manual for Humanity (by Peter A. Zuckerman -- http://www.hpn.org/beyond).
The development and publishing of this book confirms my concerns for human survival.

The January 2011 National Geographic Magazine features: Population 7 Billion: How your world will change. The 7 billion
population by the end of 2011 may increase to 9 billion by 2045. We urgently need highly efficient governments world-wide,
to manage and control the population increases, and the dangers of resulting conflicts.

The current human conditions are negative in many of the underdeveloped countries of the world:

• 1.4 billion people live in absolute poverty
• 1.2 billion lack basic health care and sanitation
• 1 billion people suffer from malnutrition
• 15% of the world’s population is illiterate
• There are 50 million refugees and displaced persons from war and violence
• This is accompanied by much environmental destruction — deforestation, soil erosion, desertification.

Unless we take preventive actions, there is a high probability for the decline of human civilization, and even of human extinction.
Resolving the problems of the world with the Governing Structure of Human Societies would provide the foundation for improving
the conditions of the future generations of humanity, and prevent human extinction.