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As stated by Peter Avram Zuckerman, founder of the educational organization, Human Progress Network, violence throughout the Middle East, terrorism in every continent, and insufficient economic and political development in most countries promise a dim future for human society. In line with his research, Visionary for Unifying Homo Sapiens of Planet Earth, our organization is also committed to promoting the creation of a common good state through proper government management.

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Support the ongoing and upcoming projects of Human Progress Network by donating any amount to our organization today. Your help will aid in backing our various programs and activities aimed at informing the public of the political and economic problems rampant in countries worldwide. Furthermore, our programs will discuss plausible solutions and options that can be instituted in order to fix these issues. Other projects include educational discourses and lectures on the advantages of the common good state, how to address political mismanagement, as well as how to curb human violence through Peter's research, Visionary for Unifying Homo Sapiens of Planet Earth. Whatever amount you contribute through this site is greatly appreciated. Note that donations can be made using your credit or debit card, and that these are tax deductible.