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The Common Good State: Creating a Better Future for Generations to Come

At the Human Progress Network, visionary and activist Peter Avram Zuckerman (www.hpn.org/pazpax) believes that government failure is the major cause of political mismanagement. Such a situation can lead to the corrupt administration of departments governing homeland security and the economic and general welfare of the people. For this reason, we have founded an educational organization that is committed to the improvement of society by advancing the human condition; thus enabling proper political management and the common good state. Donate to our organization and help us create a better future today. Implement the Common Good State to save Homo Sapiens. The count of Homo Sapiens now exceeds 7,250,000,000.

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With guidance from our educational organization, you can help bring about a society focused on public welfare for the common good of mankind.

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The Human Progress Network (HPN) is an educational organization dedicated to promoting human progress and survival by correcting worldwide political mismanagement. By supporting the common good, we can establish a society that enables the members of a political community and the citizens of a state to live virtuous, happy lives. Everything having to do with the structure and running of the state, its constitution, and the whole body of its laws should contribute to fostering the general welfare of society.

In operation for more than 20 years as a non-profit organization, it is our mission to achieve this objective by improving and advancing the human condition, as well as taking preventive measures to curb the human predisposition to violence and self-destruction. Once established, this can lead to the creation of the next phase of human society: the common good state.

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